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Eastern Idaho Photographic Society

25 years

Oxbow in Grand Teton National Park

Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton National Park © Roger Heng, 2014

Overview of Activities
Other Than Meetings


In addition to the bimonthly meetings, the Eastern Idaho Photographic Society is active in promoting the display of member images in a number of venues. The link below provides more specifics.


Field Trips

Another area of club activity is field trips. These can occur on weekends or other times when members are free to gather and travel to a more distant location than is possible during a regular meeting night. There have been no recent trips guided of this nature, but the link below describes some past locations that have been visited by the club and thus gives ideas for possible future ones. The link also leads to field trip information, such as maps and websites containing weather information.

Field Trips

October Show (in the Past)

Sponsoring a photo exposition or show each year used to be one of the club's primary activities. The show entries were judged by professional photographers. Also, for the shows, club members found sponsors who provided gift certificates and other awards for the best entries. The pictures were open for public viewing for most of the month of October or November in the hallways of the main College of Eastern Idaho Administration Building, 1600 S 25th E, Building 3.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to conduct these exhibitions since 2018. We may do it again sometime.

October Show or Exposition

Other Activities

EIPS members also enjoy other activities, such as an annual club dinner where awards are presented for achievements earned during the "Advancement" meetings. Club members have been known to help at area school science fairs and Earth Day.