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Eastern Idaho Photographic Society

25 years

Lighthouse Lens

"Lighthouse Lens" © Michael Fryer, 2017

Junkyard Tired

"Tired" © Angie Roach, 2017

Advancement Program: Positive Critiques

A Photo Critique Session
© C. Gentillon, 2017

The critique meetings of the Eastern Idaho Photographic Society are opportunities for members to display digital photos for review by other club members. The goal is to provide positive and constructive feedback that will help each of us improve or "advance" our photography. For more about the program, see the link at the bottom of this page.

Every other month or so, a topic is specified for the displayed photos. The topics or themes challenge us as we seek photos relating to each topic. The list below shows the themes selected for 2018. There is also a link showing themes from previous years.

2018 Advancement Topics

  • January—Advancement PotLuck and Awards
  • February—Photographer's Choice
  • March—Winter
  • April—Still Life
  • May—Photographer's Choice
  • June—Birds
  • July—(No meeting, so close to July 4)
  • August—Street Photos
  • September—Scenic
  • October—Photographer's Choice
  • November—Low Light Photographs
  • December—Photographer's Choice
Past Advancement Themes or Topics
More Information about the Advancement Program