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Oxbow in Grand Teton National Park

Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton National Park © Roger Heng, 2014

Weather is a Factor in Good Photography

Clouds on a very cloudy day act as a filter and allow photographs to be taken in midday. Normally the bright sun would prevent these photos. On the other hand, photographs taken in the rain or just after a rain have a different look. So do photos with snow, or with lightning. The golden light of sunrise and sunset can add to the beauty of a photograph. Wind can be a detracting weather element, especially when we are trying to photograph the wildflowers.

In addition to the results of the photography, weather is a factor in whether we can even get to the location. We also need to consider how to protect ourselves and our cameras from the elements.

The links below can help us plan and accommodate the actual weather conditions, whatever they are.

Weather Information | Sunset and Sunrise times