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Eastern Idaho Photographic Society

25 years

Oxbow in Grand Teton National Park

Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton National Park © Roger Heng, 2014

EIPS Meetings

EIPS meetings occur twice a month.

First Monthly Meeting Activities

The first meeting of the month is a friendly critique. We ask participants to bring as many as three digital images or prints (8x10 or larger) to be evaluated by other club members. The evaluation is an ad hoc assessment, with a score from 6 (could use some work) to 10 (museum quality). The average of the scores provides a rough overall asseassment for each image. We comment on what is liked about the image and also how an image can be approached or done differently. We always seek a positive critiquing session. Since all members see every image, we have the advantage of finding out what other images might be available for us to see in a given locality.

Often, a theme is specified for the pictures. The images do not have to relate to the theme! However, finding or taking photos that do relate provides an interesting challenge. We enjoy seeing how differently we each interpret the specified topic. The process tends to makes a scenic photographer shoot some still life or people pictures and the people photographer look at other parts of their viewfinder.

The link below provides more information about the program.

Critique Meetings

Second Monthly Meeting Activities

At the second monthly meeting, the focus is on education and the practice of taking pictures. EIPS members sometimes go on outings or take pictures under conditions arranged at the meeting site such as pictures of objects under special lighting. More information about the in-house meetings is in the link below.

Excursion and Workshop Topics

Presentations are another possible activity for the second monthly meetings, especially when the weather is too cold for picture taking outside. Sometimes guest speakers are invited. At other times, members pass photo tips to the rest of the club by making presentations. The presentations may be about how to use photo software to improve one's images, or about other aspects of photography. The link below leads to source materials for four of the past member presentations.



Usually the first meeting of the year is a potluck. We vote for new officers and consider possible activities for the upcoming year.

We often do not meet in the first week in July. It is near the July 4 Independence Day holiday and many members are not available to come. We might also miss a meeting if its timing conflicts with some special event that most of the members would want to attend instead. An example of this situation is having the Eastern Idaho State Fair Photography Awards night occur on one of our regular meeting nights.

We maintain a list of email addresses for our members. Email is often the most convenient way to notify us about schedule changes. As the information becomes available, we will also post it on the club's FaceBook page and on this website.

We invite anyone interested in joining the club to come and meet us!

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