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2017 EIPS Gallery Walk Poster

Exhibit Opportunities for EIPS Members


The Eastern Idaho Photographic Society is active in promoting the display of member images in a number of venues. In its over 25 years of existence the EIPS has had over 250 shows/presentations of photography to the public in Idaho Falls. We have presented over 3400 images shown to the public in these shows.

A primary display activity occurs either in late October/November, or after the annual October show is judged. Pictures are open for public viewing for most of the months of October and November in the hallways of the main College of Eastern Idaho Administration Building, 1600 S 25th E, Building 3.

October Show or Exposition

Other opportunities to exhibit our photos include

  • The Idaho Falls Public Library, 457 W Broadway St (viewed from the ramp leading to the second floor) (May-October; part of a monthly "Gallery Walk" sponsored by the Idaho Falls Art Council);
    July 2017 Exhibit
    EIPS Gallery Walk Exhibit, July 2017
  • The Art Museum of Idaho, 300 S Capital Ave. (annual fall "Collective" exhibit);
  • The emergency room hallway of the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, 3100 Channing Way (a permanent exhibit);
  • The College of Eastern Idaho Library, Alexander Creek Building (Building 5), Room 551, 1600 S 25th E; and
  • The Eastern Idaho Visitor Center at 355 River Parkway, Idaho Falls.

Venues for photo display not directly tied to the EIPS include contests at the Eastern Idaho State Fair, the Idaho Falls Magazine, and Pocatello's Portneuf Valley Photographic Society. Club members exhibit in these outlets, too.