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Eastern Idaho Photographic Society

25 years

Oxbow in Grand Teton National Park

Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton National Park © Roger Heng, 2014


At the second monthly meeting, EIPS members sometimes go on outings or take pictures under conditions arranged at the meeting site such as pictures of objects under special lighting. Presentations are another possible activity, especially when the weather is too cold for picture taking outside. Sometimes guest speakers are invited; at other times, members pass photo tips to the rest of the club.

The links below are to the source material for some of the past presentations.

High Dynamic Range Photography by Michael Fryer (2011)
HDR One | HDR Two
Flower Photography by Roger Heng (2011)
Photographing Flowers
Putting Images on the Internet by Roger Heng (2011)
Images on the Internet
Black and White Photography by Roger Heng (2015)
Black & White Photography