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Oxbow in Grand Teton National Park

Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton National Park © Roger Heng, 2014

Yellowstone National Park (YNP)

The August 2003 issue of Outdoor Photographer listed Yellowstone National Park as one of the top ten places in the world to take photographs of wildlife. It is two hours away from Idaho Falls and is one of our favorite photographic places. Yellowstone is an excellent location for photography; the photographic possibilities are endless because the park looks different every time one visits.

The following links and reference provide good information about the park and taking pictures in Yellowstone.

Yellowstone National Park Chamber of Commerce Photographing Yellowstone

"Photographer's Guide to Yellowstone and Tetons", By Joseph K. Lange, Stockpile Books.

Yellowstone has five webcams. They can be viewed from Five Webcams in Yellowstone

Photographs of Yellowstone National Park

  • Yellowstone Bison
    © Scott Johnson 2006
  • beryl Springs
    Beryl Springs
    © Roger Heng 2008
  • Elk Fighting in Yellowstone
    Fighting Elk
    © John Beach 2007
  • volcanic tableland
    Volcanic Tableland
    © Nelson Sibulo 2011
  • Swan in Yellowstone
    Swan in Yellowstone
    © Bill Drake
  • grand prismatic spring
    Grand Prismatic Spring
    © Nelson Sibulo 2011
  • Falls in Winter Yellowstone
    Yellowstone Falls
    © Rodney Jack 2006
  • Winter on Yellowstone's Yellowstone River
    Winter on Yellowstone River
    © Roger Heng