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Eastern Idaho Photographic Society

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The Eastern Idaho Photographic Society (EIPS) of Idaho Falls, Idaho, is a photography club for amateur and professional photographers. We meet twice a month--once to go on an excursion or have a photo workshop, and once to review our pictures and make suggestions for possible improvements. We thus improve our photography by practice and experimentation.

Starting in November, 2018, we have a new meeting site. The Bridge Club building has been graciously offered for our use on Monday nights. It is located at 1421 Benton Street. Benton Street is just one block long, west of St. Clair and a half-block north of 9th St. The Bridge Club building is a blond brick building sitting back from the street on the north side, a half-block west of St. Clair. See the middle pin on the Bridge Club Map for more directions.

At our new meeting site, we meet on the first and third Mondays of the month at 7:30. For example, the first meeting of November will be 11/5/2018 at 7:30. That meeting will be a critique session. The suggested theme for the photos is low light images, but any nice photos are welcomed. So, bring up to 3 images on a jump drive or prints to the meeting and get constructive suggestions to improve your work.

Overview of Our Activities

The first monthly meeting focuses on "advancement topics." We entertain each other with our photos by bringing them for review by the group. We project the photos and briefly discuss them. The critiques are positive and designed to improve our skills as photographers.

Advancement Program

The second meeting of the month is either an educational presentation, workshop, or excursion to a nearby site for taking pictures. We entertain each other with our practice of photography. It is always good to bring your camera and tripod to these meetings. The educational presentations often introduce us to new ways to enhance our photographs using computer software. EIPS members also enjoy taking still-life pictures and experimenting with light. Many of the workshops involve staging objects and taking pictures at the meeting site.

For the excursions, we sometimes meet at the site; but other times we meet locally and go in carpools to the selected site. Again, being on our email list keeps us informed about the excursion specifics. The choice of activity for the second meeting of the month often depends on the weather!

Excursion and Workshop Topics

Exhibiting our pictures is another major activity of the EIPS. We have participated in the summertime monthly Gallery Walk sponsored by the Idaho Falls Art Council. We have displayed our photos at other public sites such as the College of Eastern Idaho. We usually conduct an annual exposition or show in the fall. The shows have been judged by professional photographers.

Exhibit Opportunities

July 2017 EIPS Gallery Walk Exhibit
© C. Gentillon, 2017

The club also hosts field trips from time to time, on weekends or other times when members are able to gather and travel a bit further for picture-taking.

Field Trips

We are privileged to live an a place where the beauty of the natural world in many different forms is nearby. The national lands around Idaho Falls such as Yellowstone Park provide excellent opportunities for us to photograph landscapes and wildlife. The December 2010 issue of Outdoor Photographer selected a list of the top 25 places in the world to photograph landscapes, and 5 of them were less than 10 hours away from Idaho Falls. The closest was only 149 miles (3 hours) away. Another example of our excellent location for photography is the fact that 3 of the 100 landscapes around the world that were shown in the June 2010 issue of Outdoor Photographers contest were within 200 miles of Idaho Falls.

Members also enjoy taking pictures of nearby events such as the annual dog sled race in the winter and the Shoshone-Bannock festival at Fort Hall in the summer.

We welcome photographers to join us and share in the art of taking beautiful photographs! Feel free to contact us and get on our email list for the most update information about club activities.

Check out our club poster at the following link! Club Poster